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Second Anniversary of Cybion

Assamstadt, 15.09.2023

We are more than happy to announce that we are celebrating our second anniversary as Cybion GmbH.


We would like to take the opportunity of our anniversary to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this journey so far. To our surgeons, distributors, consultants, family & friends and everyone who has taken an interest in our young company and has come into conversation with us.


During the past two years we were able to introduce our new and unique Transverse Tibia Transport (TTT)-System in Europe for the treatment of Diabetic patients with severe Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU). The treatment with the TTT-System is a solution for avoiding an amputation and thus saving their leg.


The results of the 12 TTT-Treatments, already performed in different European countries, are very promising. We see an impressive increase in TcPO2, revascularization, stimulation of the healing process and at the same time a dramatic reduction of pain.


Some of the results with this game-changing treatment were already presented during international Congresses like the IASDF and ISDF where we organized our first Mini Symposium titled „New Techniques in treating DFU with TTT-System“.

The participation on this symposium was overwhelming and a lot

of renowned international diabetic foot surgeons were present.


To demonstrate the minimal invasive surgical technique to interested surgeons and distributors we organized many TTT-Workshops.

Furthermore we signed Distribution Agreements with Biomedica (Italy), Acuña y Fombona (Spain/Portugal) and Gamma medical (UK) and we are currently working on agreements with further distribution partners.


In the next few years we will make a paradigm shift in treating DFU patients with our TTT-System supported by our business partners and our surgeons.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who believed in Cybion and in our TTT-Treatment.


Roman & Peter from Cybion

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