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TTT-Workshop in Denmark

Denmark, 26.10.2023

This week we performed our 1st TTT-Workshop with our new Businesspartner Innosurge ApS, Denmark.

Innosurge will be responsible for the distribution of our new and life-changing Tibia Transverse Transport (TTT)-System for the treatment of severe Diabetic Foot Ulcers and will be our exclusive distributor for all Nordic countries.

The TTT-Treatment is based on Ilizarov’s sophisticating principles of tension stress in Distraction Osteogenesis and is used to avoid amputation of the lower limb.
Ilizarov already observed and published in 1989 the effects by moving a bone chip of the proximal tibia outwards & inwards. By doing so the body generates stem cells and growth factors which promote neo-vascularization. With this revascularization of the Diabetic foot we are able to avoid major amputation for those patients.
Worldwide there are already about 3.000 Patients treated with the TTT-Method, mainly outside Europe. Since our first introduction in Europe in May 2022 we already treated 13 so called “no option” patients (Portugal (1), Spain (3) and Italy (9)). The results are very promising and our surgeons are more than impressed about this new treatment option.
There is a lot of scientific literature available and we already established a network of very experienced and specialized surgeons in this field. We would be more than happy to introduce the TTT-Method also in your hospital. 

We want to thank Innosurge Ortho for their trust and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation.
Find more information about Cybion and the TTT-System on and more information about innosurge ortho on

Perhaps we could meet and discuss during the IASDF in London?

Foto: Heinz Lorentzen, CEO/Partner Innosurge

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